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  • Delta Testing Lab ISO/IEC:17025:2005 Accrediated Laboratory
  • Delta Testing and Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO : 9001-2015 Certified Laboratories
  • Delta Testing and Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Testing lab in India.


Delta Testing and Research Laboratory are committed to exhibit standard of performance in order to achieve total customer satisfaction in the field of Testing Services as per its scope by giving reliable, accurate test results and implementing AN. ISO : 9001-2015 and documented management system besides, thriving for continual improvement.

Painted / Plated Components Testing

The painted and plated Components are used to check the various properties of the surface coatings or metallic coatings such as corrosion, heat deformation, compression set, heat resistance, scratch resistance etc.

  • Salt spray test-48 hrs
  • Salt spray test•96 hrs
  • Salt spray test (above 96 hrs.)/per 48 hrs
  • Cass Test - 24 Hours
  • Cass Test - 48 Hours
  • Humidityresistence Test - 48 Hrs
  • Humidityresistence test - 96 hrs.
  • Humidity resistence test (above 96 hrs.)/per48 hrs
  • Water resistence test - 8 hrs.
  • Water resistence test-96 hrs.
  • Water resistence test (above 96 hrs.)/per48 hrs
  • Coating Thickness (Dry Film Thickness)