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Rider and Safety Helmet

Motorcycle helmets greatly reduce injuries and fatalities in motorcycle accidents, thus many countries have laws requiring acceptable helmets to be worn by motorcycle riders.

Protective Helmet for Two Wheeler Riders IS-4151:2015

  • Metal Parts
  • >
  • Sizes
  • Shell
  • Retention System
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Workmanship and Finish
  • Mass
  • Impact Absorption Test
  • Resistance to Penetration
  • Rigidity Test
  • Test for Projections and Surface Friction
  • Dynamic Test of Retention System
  • Audibility Test
  • Opening Angle (Visor) Test
  • Flexibility of Peak
  • Retention (Detaching) Test of Helmet
  • Micro-slip Test of the Chin Strap
  • Test for Resistance to Abrasion of the Chin Strap
  • Tests for Retention Systems Relying on Quick-Release Mechanisms
    • Inadvertent Release by Pressure
    • Ease of Release
    • Durability of Quick-Release Mechanisms

Visor for Scooter Helmets IS-9973:1981

  • Materials
  • Design
  • Impact Resistance
  • Penetration Resistance
  • Flammability
  • Optical Requirements
    • Distortion
    • Spherical and Cylindrical Error
    • Prismatic Error
    • Transmittance
    • Light Transmission
  • Field of Vision
  • Workmanship and Finish
  • Mass